To create an account please follow these easy steps:

1)  First go to our website at:

2) On the top right-hand corner of the website, find and click the "Join/Login" button

3) Under the "Login" button towards the left, click the "SignUp" Button.

4) Next, fill in all of the required fields and chose your country of residence. NOTE: The e-mail you provide, along with the password, will be your DSDApp login credentials

5) Click "Create Account" once you have filled in all of the required fields. 

6) On this next screen, you can pick and chose the plan of your choice. 

7) If you wish to try out the DSDApp before you make an initial purchase, you can already use the login credentials you created to login into the DSDApp

8) On your iPad, download the App called "DSDApp by Coachman". For a how-to guide on how to install the App, go to our "How to Install the App on your iPad" guide.