Subscribing to a plan is a simple and easy process. Just follow these steps. 

1. Go to and click on pricing. Click/ Tap on the plans available under Academy Memberships. 

2. You will see two selections, the Yearly Gold or the Bundle. Our services are subscription-based, which means that you will be automatically renewed for your next subscription period; upon the activation of your monthly or yearly plan.

    - You can subscribe to our yearly plan by clicking/ tapping on the 'GET IT NOW' tab located inside the Gold Member box. Or CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

    - You can subscribe with a bundle selection that comes with our premium Implementation Team Training + the Gold Membership. Click/ Tap on 'EXPLORE MORE' for more details about this package. This is a specialized training that will teach you and your staff how to: take proper photos, create and modify smile simulations using Artificial Intelligence, when and how to present the smile simulation and inform your staff of the revised workflow and provide them with a blueprint, to be used as a visual aid, as to when the app is introduced in the patient's appointment. Are you ready to subscribe with full momentum? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

2. On the checkout page, you will need to fill out your credentials. Please make sure you use the same email that you have used to activate your account with the app to go through instantly. If you have not completed your registration process, make sure to use the same email you used when completing your inscription process. to complete

3. Once you have completed your checkout, you will be able to log into the app on your device and use your Gold Membership!