The purpose of this guide is to set-up new users and help them get started with the DSD App

Step #1: Creating an Account 

1)  First go to our website at:

2) On the top right-hand corner of the website, find and click the "Join/Login" button

3) Next, fill in all of the required fields and chose your country of residence. NOTE: The e-mail you provide, along with the password, will be your DSD App login credentials

4) Click "Create Account" once you have filled in all of the required fields. 

5) On this next screen, you can pick and chose the plan of your choice. 

6) If you wish to try out the DSD App before you make an initial purchase, you can already use the login credentials you created to login into the DSD App

7) On your iPad, download the App called "DSD App by Coachman". For a how-to guide on how to install the App, go to our "How to Install the App on your iPad" guide. 

Step #2: Downloading the App on your iPad

1) Before you begin, make sure you have an iPad model 2015 or newer running iOS 11 or higher.

2) On your iPad, go to the "App Store", the same place where you download all iPad Apps


3) On the lower right-hand corner, press the "Search" button and search "DSD App by Coachman"


4) After you have search for the DSD App and opened the search result, press "Download" to download the App. Then, press "Open" to open the DSD App.


5) After opening the App, you may now login into the DSD App with your DSD App credentials and start using the App.


Step #3: Watch the Webinars and Training Videos

Follow the following links to watch the Webinars. They are an easy step-by-step video series that will teach you how to use the DSD App

Webinar #1:

Webinar #2:

Webinar #3: 

Step #4: Subscribe to a Plan 

After you have tried out the DSD App and watched the training webinars, it is time to pick a plan that will grant you access to all the functions of the DSD App.

1)  First, visit our website at:

2) On the top right-hand corner of the website, find and click the "Join/Login" button and login into your account with the previously created credentials.


3) After login in, you will be able to see the different plans we offer and and chose your desired plan. Then, click "Checkout" after choosing your plan.

Below is a comparison chart that compares the different plans we offer. We highly recommend the Gold Membership Plan, since you will have access to an abundant amount of support, App resources and training all for one low price

 4) After selecting your plan and pressing "Checkout", pick and chose your desired payment method. Fill in the required payment detail fields and complete your order. You will be getting an email confirmation of the transaction once completed.