In this short guide, we will show you how to purchase DSDApp 3D cases.

Requirement: You must be a Gold Member in order to use the 3D functionality of the App and create STL Exports

The Gold Plan Member will be able to create 3D Smile Designs, but if you would like to export STL files and save them, you will need to purchase 3D Cases. 

Key Features of 3D Cases: 

- Each 3D Case bought & used is for 1 patient only

- Each 3D Case bought & used allows you to create unlimited STL exports for that one (1) patient

- You can go back to your 3D cases and make changes of the 3D design and export any time at NO EXTRA COST

- 3D cases do not expire

Follow these easy steps to purchase 3D Cases:

1) Make sure you have a DSDApp account and with an active Gold Plan 

LINK for "How to Create an Account"

LINK for " How to become a Gold Plan Member"

2) Login into your account through our website (CLICK HERE for URL)


3) After login in, on the upper-right hand corner of the page, click on "Subscribe"

4) On this page, scroll towards the bottom of the screen towards the right and select the amount of DSDApp 3D cases you need.

Then, click "Checkout" towards the bottom of the screen and continue through the payment steps. Once purchased successfully, your account will be automatically credited with 3D cases and you can use them instantly.