The 3D cases to export, are used when you need to print out your final design. This action will be completed once you have done a 3D smile design, and you are ready to export the case outside of the app and send it to your lab or printer for post-production. 

Requirement: You must be a Gold Member in order to use the 3D functionality of the App and create STL Exports

The Gold membership will enable you to create a 3D Smile Designs, but if you would like to export your 3D case for printing then, you will need to purchase 3D Export Cases. 

Key Features of 3D Cases:

- Each 3D Case bought & used allows you to create unlimited STL exports for that one (1) patient.

- You can go back to your 3D cases and make changes in the 3D design and export any time at NO EXTRA COST.

- 3D cases do not expire.

Follow these easy steps to purchase 3D Cases:

1) Go to our website at and click/ tap on 'Pricing'

2) Select the number of cases you would like to purchase and click on 'Get it Now'

3) This will then take you to the check out page. Please make sure you provide the email associated with your account so that we may award your cases directly. After completing your checkout, you may instantly use your cases!