1. First, let's register an account.  This can be done after downloading the app and tapping on 'Sign up' to create your login credentials. 

2. Our App only works with Apple. An iPad will be needed. Make sure the model is no later than 2016 and is running on iOS 11 or newer. Screen Resolution must be 2048x1536 for peak performance. An iPad Pro, iPad Air, or regular iPad are recommended models. (Purchasing an Apple pen is also recommended)

iPad mini is NOT compatible with the app. 

Side Note: The iPhone version will only allow you to start your case with photo digitalization.

3. If you only have the iPhone version installed, it is time to download the iPad version so that you may access all of your design features.

Click here to download

4. You are now ready to start designing! It is time to get your first training set up with our Customer Success Team! We will help you get started and teach you how to navigate the App. Click here to book your appointment,  https://bit.ly/3b16mIM