The old concept of smile design required a full smile picture and a retracted picture of the patient. But one of the biggest challenges was to take both images accurately - so that the calibration of both photos matched the incisal and gingival margins. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. The patient often moves their head - the angle of the angles were in disproportion to the head. 

This is a big issue - that’s why one of the first versions of the app offered the option to design using the full smile picture and the Intra-oral scan (.STL file extension format). Usually, the full smile picture needs to be in a perfect frontal position - which is a unique opportunity that the app offers an automatic frontal facial picture & facial analysis - as soon as the patient looks entirely in a frontal position into the camera - then the picture is taken with precision. 

TheNow the intra-oral scan (.STL file extension format) calibration is over the picture; it is simple and easy to design. You can reach perfection - moving and rotating the (.STL) to the perfect patient position.

Design the smile considering all the visible details - incisal edges, gingival margins, incisal, or gingival curve.

You can do more with the app - if you use the CBCT of the patient - exported as an STL - superimposed over the picture - you can plan a gingivectomy - and explain to your patient the treatment plan - which will reinforce your suggestions with the visual aids of the DSDApp.