Currently there seems to be an issue with google drive with our application. This issue usually happens when you have the google drive app installed at the same time as the DSDApp. We suggest to uninstall the Google Drive app and Reinstall the DSDApp of your choosing to resync the drive. If the problem persists then it could be that you are one of the few experiencing a more severe bug that is blocking the app entirely from the google services which we are working closely with google to resolve. If this is the case please try to use one of the other offerings that we have available on the app such as the Dropbox or icloud options. 

If you are unable to use your GoogleDrive, you may use your Dropbox cloud service. Lastly, make sure you don't have the Dropbox app installed for the first authentication with DSDApp.

Please call us at your earliest convenience if you are still having issues and we will set up a zoom call on your device to try and walk you through the process.