Once the app's installation is complete, the app will check the compatibility of your device with our software. If your device isn't compatible, the app will let you know in a pop-up message. 

However, to make sure your devices can work with our software, we support the following models.

iPhone - make sure your device is no later than 8th generation. Earlier generations such as iPhones 7, 6, and 5 are not compatible with the app. Our technology does not support all older models.

iPad - iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Regular iPad are all compatible with the app. Make sure that your device is not older than 2016. All older models are not supported by our technology. There are no minimum GB specifications that we require; the different options available are left to your discretion. We do recommend getting the Apple Pencil or Stylus pen for added precision with your designs. iPad minis- are not supported by the app. 

Macs - the app will be available on this platform in the near future!