Our app services are subscription-based which, means that once your subscription period expires, you will automatically be renewed for the new subscription period. We offer various selections for our members. 

1. You may join the app with a Yearly Gold plan for $799usd, which comes with a 20% discount included! CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE

2. You can also join the app with a monthly plan for $83usd.

What is the Bundle (Yearly GOLD Subscription + Online Implementation Training)?

1. You can become a Yearly member and receive comprehensive training to learn how to implement the app in your practice alongside your team members. The training will teach you and your staff how to: take proper photos, create and modify smile simulations using Artificial Intelligence, when and how to present the smile simulation and inform your staff of the revised workflow and provide them with a blueprint to be used as a visual aid, as to when the app is introduced in the patient's appointment. This bundle package is valued at $1398usd. However, you will be able to activate your bundle for $1098usd! CLICK TO GET STARTED!