How to adjust the overall coloration of the smile?

Once you have started your desing and done your design, you will go to the 'Colors' portion of the Smile Simulation. On this screen, you will adjust the Warmth and the Brightness of the new smile. 

- Warmth Slider, on this control, you will slide to the right for a more yellow-toned smile or to the left for a more white-toned smile. This selection will be dependent on the patients' preferences. 

- Brightness Slider, on this control, you will slide to the left for a darker smile or to the right for a brighter/ whiter smile. Do not go to extremes with the slider because this will greatly alter the smile's coloration. 

By balancing in between these two sliders, you will be able to generate a more natural coloration. 

How to create a better buccal corridor and transform the appearance of a darker tooth?

You will tap on the link icon that appears on the 'Brightness Slider' to activate the buccal corridor section. Once you move the slider side-to-side, you will notice that only the posteriors' brightness is changing versus the entire smile. The idea of this advanced selection is to adjust the brightness so that you can add more depth to the smile's desing. In this case, you will make the buccal corridors slightly darker than the rest of the desing to generate this effect. 

Important Note: CLICK HERE if you would like to follow our video tutorial.