The teamwork function will allow you to share your case with our team or other doctors in our community to device your case and also be co-designers of your smile desing. 

It is fairly easy to use the Teamwork function; follow these easy steps to share your cases. 

1. Log into your device and open the app. 

2. Tap on the menu bar (the three horizontal lines on the upper left-hand corner of your screen), tap on New Case. 

3. On the New Case screen, under Patient Documentation, tap on the scarlet-red icon that says, My Patients. 

4. This will open all the patients you have made a desing for. On the right-hand side of the patient you wish to share, you will see an Open icon. Tap on Open.

5. This will open the Case Management portal; if you have multiple designs done for the same patient, select the file you wish to share. Lightly tap on the icon of the file that you wish to share. This will open a pop-up menu. 

6. On the pop-up menu, tap on the Teamwork option. Selecting Whole Patient will share all the files. Selecting Single Case will only share that particular desing. 

7. Once the selection has been made, and you will place the person's email address with whom you share the case. Tap on the Share button to send the case. Note: the person with whom your sharing the case also has to be a Gold Member of the app. 

Important Note: CLICK HERE if you would like to follow our video tutorial.