If you are trying to share a project and get a screen with different email services, you have not set up your email account on your device. Follow these simple steps to set-up your email on your device.

1. If you were working in the app, exit out of the app and locate your Settings on your device. 

2. Once in Settings, locate the Mail app and tap on it. This will open a menu to the right-hand side of your screen. 

3. Locate the box titled Accounts and tap on it. 

4. You will the screen with the different email services appear once again. Tap on the email provider you use. This will prompt a pop-up alert from Apple asking if you allow Settings to access your email account. You will tap on Continue. 

5. Enter your account's credentials; once this is completed, tap on Save on the upper-right hand side of the screen.

6. You may go back to the app and retry sharing your file. When you select the Mail option, the app will now access your email account and email the file. 

Important Note: CLICK HERE if you would like to follow our video tutorial.