If you are trying to share a file via email and the app says Sent; but, the receiving party is not getting the email, it is because the file is getting stuck in the Outbox folder of your Mail app. 

This may happen because you need to update your device or because you recently updated your account credentials with your email provider and didn't verify the changes in your device. 

To send the files that are stored in your Outbox folder, follow these steps. 

1. Open your mail app and locate the Outbox folder. 

2. In this folder, you will see the files you have been trying to send through the app. Tap on the email you wish to send and type-in the receiving party's email address, and tap on the upper-right arrowhead to send. 

To correct your settings to prevent this issue from happening again, you will need to go to your Settings and update your account credentials. 

1. Open your Settings on your device. Locate the Mail app. 

2. On the side menu, you locate Accounts, tap on that icon. 

3. Once in Accounts, you will see the accounts that need to be verified on your device. Re-enter your account credentials, and this will update your credentials in your Mail app. 

Important Note: CLICK HERE if you would like to follow our video tutorial.